Are you looking for a unique activity to do with your friends and family in Bristol, take it back a few generations to the Viking era! Enjoy a fun-filled day of knife and axe throwing with the Bristol activity centre, they supply a range of different weights of knives and axes for both experts and beginners of the activity

Where can I go axe throwing in Bristol ?

The Bristol Activity Centre offers an action-packed day out of knife and axe throwing for solos to large groups!

Axe throwing is great fun no matter what your skill level. It can be surprisingly easy to pick up, with most people able to get the axe into a target within their first five to ten throws, hit the mark as many times as you can under the guidance by an instructor, but remember it’s all about technique not the strength.

  • £ 30 per person
  • Session duration: 1 hour
  • Participants must be over 12 years old
  • Party bundles and events are available

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