Ever dreamt of forging your own tools? At the Old Field Forge, you can learn how different styles of knives are forged and discover the key skills required to make your own knife. Each session takes around 6 hours. This experience day is for over 18’s, however, 16 and 17-year-olds are very welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Where can I learn the blacksmithing skills required to forge a knife?

Discover the ancient skill of knife foraging at Old Field Forge located in Garway Hill, Hereford.

You can design or select a range of different types of knives, whether you want a kitchen knife, hunting knife, bushcraft knife, re-enactment knife, fishing knife or even a woodwork tool… you can then learn how to make it at the forge!

  • Prices from £157.50 per knife
  • Sessions available for couples or teams of 2
  • Opening times are from 9 am till 3 pm
  • More than 6 unique knives are available to make
  • Located 15 miles outside of Hereford
  • Memberships are available

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