Lanark Lifestyles Gym is a Gym like no other. Lanark Lifestyles has an incredible swimming pool that offers swimming lessons for adults and children alike. Swim at any depth you’re comfortable with and wait for a while and you might get to experience the pools wave machine. Their swimming pool is great for a day out with the family and a great place to learn how to swim at any age.

where can we go swimming in Lanarkshire?

Go to Lanark Lifestyles in Lanarkshire to swim and go to the gym

Lanark Lifestyles Gym isn’t just a swimming pool however, they as also of course a gym. The Gym offers machines for working out at any skill level. Ride their cardiovascular machines including state-of-the-art treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and bikes including the new Watt bikes.

  • The gym features a specific room for stretching
  • Pool floaties and arm bands are available for non experienced swimmers
  • Open 6.30am – 9pm

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