Learn the Cornish Language in Cornwall!

You may have thought that Cornish was just a unique English accent… Think again! Cornish is a distinct, Celtic language that, up until the 18th century, was the first and primary language used in Cornwall. In fact, Cornwall didn’t fully integrate into the English governmental system until the 18th century too, giving the now county a proud heritage. So, what better way to fully immerse yourself in Cornwall than by learning Cornish? With the Learn Cornish in Cornwall school, you can do just that.

Where can I learn Cornish?

If you're looking to embrace your Cornish ancestry, or you just want to learn about this fascinating Celtic language, then Julie Tamblin's language school is a great place to start. Enjoy a casual two hour session while sipping on some Cornish cream tea, or fully embrace the language with a ten hour course, under the tutelage of a passionate and experienced language teacher.

This language school is run by Julie Tamblin – since Cornish was recognised as a European Regional and Minority language, and as an experienced language teacher and masters degree holder in Cornish studies, she felt that Cornish needed its own home within the community.

There are a range of fun and interesting courses and experiences, offering an exciting opportunity to become acquainted with this unique language, all led by a passionate and friendly teacher. If you’re just looking for a casual introduction, then the Cornish Cream Tea lesson is for you – during this two and a half hour session, take a time machine through the fascinating history of Cornish literary culture and an overview of the Cornish language and culture, all from the comfort of a cosy armchair while enjoying a lovely Cornish cream tea!

If you want to dive deep into the Cornish language and really develop your skills, then the ten hour Cornish Lessons course covers everything you need to know. It covers listening, speaking reading and writing and is fully tailored to times of your choosing. If you’re only in Cornwall for the weekend, there’s a Cornish language weekend course just for you – during your stay in Cornwall, you’ll enjoy a combination of formal language sessions and opportunities to chat and practice your Cornish informally, while exploring contemporary Cornish culture.

This is a fantastic time to spend your time in Cornwall, so make an enquiry on her website here!

  • Cornish cream tea session is £40 per person.
  • Ten hour course is £200 per person.
  • Language Weekend is £200 per person, inclusive of accommodation on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning.

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