Are you an animal lover? Well so are the people over at Linton Zoo where they have love, interest and concern for the wildlife of the world. This zoo has been established as a centre for breeding wildlife in Linton since 1972 and has a large collection of exotic species.

Are there any zoos to visit in Cambridge?

Linton Zoo is a fantastic day out with a big variety of animals to visit from parrots to snow leopards.

Having breeding programmes for as many species as possible, including those species not directly under threat at the present time, will ensure a safeguard against extinction and this is exactly what Linton Zoo is trying to achieve. Each year new species are brought in, many of them being part of an international captive breeding programme, so the number and variety of animals here is always increasing.

Animals you might see at the zoo include Mexican red-kneed tarantulas, Snakes, Giant tortoises, Hornbills, Toucans, Parrots, Owls, Pheasants, Snow leopards, Amur tigers, Hartmann mountain zebras and Brazilian tapir

Not only are the animals here a sight to behold but the gardens now cover 18 acres and are maturing into a wonderful sight which many people now come especially to see. Over 10,000 bedding plants are put in every year and there are some interesting trees and shrubs which set the scene. So if you’d like a day surrounded by nature, animals and plants, then get Linton Zoo added to your Stack and head over!

  • Season tickets are available to purchase
  • There is a coffee shop and gift shop on site
  • No dogs allowed
  • Adult tickets cost £12
  • A child (2-13 years) ticket costs £9.50
  • A senior (65+) ticket costs £11
  • Under 2 years go free

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