Little Paradise Lodge in Queenstown

Enter a fantasyland as you walk through the garden at Little Paradise Lodge. The five-acre lakeside grounds are filled with thousands of flowers and a plethora of playful art. Quirky gates and winding paths lead you on to see more and more wonders, like a statue of a man battling a boa that’s being attacked by a Haast’s eagle. The lodge itself is just as quirky as the garden, with each room filled with unique furniture. Be sure to check out the guest bathroom to say hello to the fish swimming in the tank just above the toilet!

Where can I find the Little Paradise Lodge?

Located on Lake Wakatipu and only 20 minutes drive from Queenstown New Zealand

Explore the unique 5 acre garden with an admission fee in a garden tour. This includes complimentary tea, coffee juice and cookies.

Lodge Pricing:

  • Double Rooms
    NZ$155-250 per room.
  • Double Room with ensuite
  • Single share room
    NZ$110 for one person, NZ$160 for two people



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