Looking for something different to do with your friends and family? Meet the herd of 11 lovely llamas at Merry Harries and trek through the surrounding landscapes in the stunning Surrey Hills. Llama trekking is a hugely bonding experience due to their calming and affectionate nature making them the ideal companion. Each llama has their own personality so this will definitely be a day to remember!

Where can I go Llama trekking in Surrey?

Located deep in the Surrey Hills just 7 miles from the market town Haslemere, The Merry Harriers Llama trek is perfect for a family day out!

Each trek is an average of 3 miles where you can take in the stunning scenery of the picturesque Surrey hills. Why not make a whole day of it and book the luxury picnic trek? Complete with local champagne, produce and finish with a pub lunch at the local inn. During this trek, the friendly llama will even carry your food and drink for you!

  • Luxury picnic trek ( over 18s only) – £99.60pp
  • Summer evening trek- £55.30pp
  • English picnic trek – adults £84 -. Children – £48 pp
  • Family (2 children, 2 adults) – £210


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