This is a great way to discover and experience small, cosy, independent pubs whilst getting a great taste of Yorkshire and Leeds’s famous dishes all with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. This tour takes you to six venues with food at every single one and two alcoholic drinks (soft drinks available) all included in the tour price!

What should a foodie do in Leeds?

This tour will give you a true taste of local food and drink. With 6 stops at local pubs and with food made from local ingredients, you can expect to get great insight and taste of Leeds and Yorkshire culinary classics.

You can expect great beer, great cheese, and a great insight into Leeds’s culinary history. The perfect way to get local knowledge and explore the city while also getting top-quality food and drink along the way!

The tour starts at 11.45 am and lasts about 4 hours so there’s plenty of time to enjoy your food and enjoy a chat in the lovely pubs you’ll be visiting.

  • 11:45 start and lasts around 4 hours
  • Tickets are £55 per person
  • The tour can be tailored to be vegetarian by emailing them beforehand
  • Most tours are Fridays and Saturdays but private bookings can be made

Leeds food facts!

  • Leeds has food festivals every year, such as the North Leeds Food Festival, which just highlights how big the foodie scene in Leeds is!
  • Leeds is a hub of immigration and diversity in the north of England which has led to brilliant food from all corners of the globe all in one city.
  • Leeds is also home to lots of brilliant local breweries, such as the North Brewing CO, so you can expect lots of local beer around the city!

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