15 fun things to do in Lincoln

Nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire in England’s East Midlands, the city of Lincoln is a beautiful and historic city that boasts a rich cultural heritage and a bustling modern-day vibe. From its iconic Gothic cathedral to its charming cobbled streets and bustling markets, Lincoln is a city that offers visitors a unique blend of old-world charm and modern-day amenities. 

First and foremost, no trip to Lincoln would be complete without a visit to its stunning Gothic cathedral. One of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the country, the cathedral dominates the city’s skyline and is visible from miles around. Built over several centuries, the cathedral boasts a number of architectural styles and features, including a stunning rose window, intricate carvings, and beautiful stained glass windows. Visitors can climb the 338 steps of the cathedral’s tower to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Another must-visit attraction in Lincoln is its impressive castle, which sits on a hill overlooking the city. Originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, the castle has been used for a variety of purposes over the centuries, including as a royal palace, a prison, and a court. Today, visitors can explore the castle’s impressive grounds and exhibits, which include the famous Magna Carta, one of the most important legal documents in history.

For those interested in history, Lincoln’s old quarter offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past. With its charming cobbled streets and timber-framed buildings, the area is a maze of narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards and is home to a number of historic pubs, restaurants, and shops. The nearby Steep Hill is also a must-visit attraction, with its steep incline and historic architecture providing a unique and picturesque backdrop for a leisurely stroll.

In addition to its historic attractions, Lincoln also boasts a vibrant modern-day culture, with a thriving arts and music scene, a variety of festivals and events, and a diverse range of restaurants and cafes. The city’s many independent shops and boutiques offer a unique shopping experience, with everything from vintage clothing to handmade crafts on offer. The city’s many parks and green spaces also provide the perfect place to relax and unwind, with beautiful gardens, walking trails, and scenic views.

Overall, the city of Lincoln is a wonderful destination for anyone interested in history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring the city’s stunning Gothic cathedral and castle, wandering its charming cobbled streets and alleys, or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of its modern-day culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful and historic city.

Fun things to do in Lincoln

  • Visit Lincoln Cathedral: the stunning Lincoln Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Built-in the 11th century, this magnificent Gothic-style cathedral boasts intricate stonework, beautiful stained glass windows, and impressive architecture. Visitors can explore the interior of the cathedral and climb the tower for stunning views of the city.
  • Explore Lincoln Castle: another must-visit attraction in Lincoln is Lincoln Castle. Built-in the 11th century, this imposing fortress played an important role in English history. Visitors can explore the castle’s walls and towers, visit the prison cells and courtrooms, and view the historic Magna Carta, one of the most important legal documents in the world.
  • Steep Hill is one of the most picturesque streets in Lincoln. It winds its way up to the cathedral and castle and is lined with beautiful historic buildings, independent shops, and charming cafes. Walking along Steep Hill is a great way to soak up the city’s atmosphere and enjoy its unique character.
  • Visit the Museum of Lincolnshire Life: for a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Lincolnshire, head to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. This museum features a range of interactive displays, historic vehicles, and recreated period rooms. Visitors can learn about everything from agriculture and industry to social history and wartime experiences.
  • Explore Brayford Waterfront: the Brayford Waterfront is a popular destination in Lincoln. This vibrant area is home to a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as a cinema and theatre. Visitors can enjoy a meal or a drink overlooking the marina or take a boat trip along the River Witham.
  • Walk in the Arboretum: the Arboretum is a beautiful park in Lincoln, featuring a wide variety of trees, flowers, and wildlife. This peaceful oasis is a great place for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or just to enjoy some time in nature.
  • Visit the Usher Gallery: the Usher Gallery is a popular art gallery in Lincoln, featuring a range of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. The gallery’s collections include pieces from local artists as well as works by famous artists such as J.M.W. Turner and Auguste Rodin.
  • Take a Ghost Walk: Lincoln is a city with a rich history and many spooky stories. Taking a ghost walk is a fun and entertaining way to learn more about the city’s haunted past
  • Discover Lincoln’s aviation history: the city played a significant role in aviation history, and visitors can learn more about it at the International Bomber Command Centre, the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre, and the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.
  • Enjoy a show at the Lincoln Theatre Royal: this Victorian theatre has been entertaining audiences for over 125 years and hosts a range of performances, including drama, comedy, dance, and musicals.


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