Things to do in Nottingham

Nottingham, a city steeped in history and culture, is nestled in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England. Known for its ties to the legendary Robin Hood, it boasts a rich heritage that spans centuries, with landmarks and stories that have captivated people from around the globe. The city is a vibrant blend of old and new, where medieval architecture coexists with contemporary arts, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Today, Nottingham is recognized for its strong educational institutions like the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, attracting students worldwide. Its cultural scene is thriving with theaters, art galleries, and music venues offering diverse entertainment options. The city also prides itself on its green spaces like the Arboretum and Wollaton Hall and Park, providing residents and visitors alike with beautiful escapes into nature.

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  • Wollaton Hall & Deer Park: This Elizabethan mansion set in a sprawling deer park is not only an architectural marvel but also houses natural history collections. It’s famously used as Wayne Manor in the Batman films.
  • Nottingham Castle: Perched on Castle Rock, this historic site offers stunning views over the city. After extensive renovations, it now features interactive exhibits about Robin Hood and the history of Nottingham.
  • City of Caves: Delve beneath the streets of Nottingham to explore this unique network of sandstone caves dating back to the medieval period. Tours reveal their fascinating uses through history.
  • Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall: A major centre for arts and entertainment in Nottingham offering a wide range of performances from ballets to concerts and comedy shows.
  • National Videogame Museum: Celebrate the culture, creativity, and history of video games at this interactive museum that’s fun for all ages.
  • Lakeside Arts Centre: Located within the University of Nottingham’s campus, it presents a varied program including theatre productions, exhibitions, music concerts, and workshops.
  • Donington Park: Just outside Nottingham, this motorsport circuit hosts major racing events including Superbike Championships; it also has a museum dedicated to motorsports.
  • Old Market Square: The heart of city life in Nottingham where events take place throughout the year; surrounded by shops and cafes, it’s perfect for leisurely exploration.
  • Nottingham Brewery Tour: Discover local brewing traditions by visiting one or more breweries in Nottingham. Learn about beer making processes while enjoying tastings.
  • National Justice Museum: Housed in a former courthouse and jail dating back to the 14th century; exhibits focus on crime & punishment through time with engaging tours available.
  • Rock City: An iconic music venue known across Britain for hosting live bands ranging from up-and-coming acts to well-known names; check their schedule for upcoming gigs.

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