Photo by: Tom Wheatley

54 fun things to do in Norfolk

Make the most of your time off in the remote Norfolk. It may be a difficult place to get to but as they say, the longest roads lead to the best adventures. Here are some brilliant things to experience once you’re there. Norfolk has a lot to offer; fun fairs, great restaurants, historical pubs, spectacular events… and so much more!

Your first stop may be to experience the World famous Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, with great rides to experience, pure joy and barrels of laughter to be had with family or friends. Then you may choose to truly explore the heritage of Norwich with one of their Hidden History Tours, where you’ll find a much richer past than you may expect in this isolated part of Britain.

Before you put your head down for some much-needed rest, you may wish to experience one of the most spectacular natural light shows in the entire world by getting a mind-blowing view of the Northern Lights in the starry skies of Norfolk.

Enjoy the wonder of discovery.