Things to do in Co. Tipperary

Co. Tipperary, located in the province of Munster, Ireland, is a place of great historical significance and natural beauty. The county is divided into two parts by the River Suir, creating North Tipperary and South Tipperary, though it functions as a single administrative entity. Known for its rich heritage dating back to ancient times, Tipperary is home to numerous archaeological sites including the Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, and the Swiss Cottage, each telling stories of Ireland’s past from different eras.

The landscape of Co. Tipperary is varied and picturesque, featuring the Galtee Mountains, the largest inland mountain range in Ireland which offers spectacular hiking opportunities. The county also boasts lush valleys such as the Golden Vale which is one of the most fertile lands in Ireland. With its combination of historical sites and natural beauty, Co. Tipperary attracts tourists who are interested in exploring Irish culture and enjoying outdoor activities.

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  • The Rock of Cashel: One of Ireland’s most iconic landmarks, this historic site features a collection of medieval buildings set on an outcrop with panoramic views over the countryside.
  • Cahir Castle: One of the largest castles in Ireland where visitors can explore its robust defense structures and enjoy guided tours that bring its history to life.
  • Swiss Cottage: An exquisite example of early 19th-century cottage orné architecture set in beautiful woodland scenery near Cahir.
  • Galtee Mountains: Offering some of the best hiking trails in Ireland for both novice walkers and experienced hikers looking for challenging climbs.
  • Mitchelstown Cave: One of Europe’s most spectacular show caves where visitors can explore fascinating limestone formations below ground level.
  • Holy Cross Abbey: A restored Cistercian monastery that dates back to 1169 and remains a place of worship and pilgrimage.
  • Tipperary County Museum: Showcases local history through exhibits on archaeology, history, and culture including items from prehistoric times to modern day.
  • Glen of Aherlow: A scenic valley nestled between Slievenamuck and the Galtee Mountains offering walking trails with stunning landscapes.
  • Fethard Horse Country Experience: Celebrates Ireland’s rich equestrian heritage with interactive exhibits located in Fethard’s walled town’s 17th-century Tholsel building.
  • Lough Derg: A large lake perfect for water sports enthusiasts or those looking to enjoy leisurely boat trips amidst tranquil surroundings.
  • Slieve Bloom Mountains: Although not entirely within Co. Tipperary, they border it closely offering more opportunities for outdoor adventures including walking paths with breathtaking views.