Things to do in Tauranga

Tauranga, located in the Bay of Plenty region on New Zealand’s North Island, is a coastal city known for its stunning beaches, vibrant harbor, and dynamic Maori culture. As the fifth-largest city in the country, Tauranga has experienced rapid growth due to its appealing climate, scenic beauty, and economic opportunities. The city serves as a gateway to outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, attracting tourists and new residents alike.

The heart of Tauranga stretches from its bustling port, one of New Zealand’s largest, through to its lively city center where contemporary cafes, restaurants, and galleries line the streets. Nearby Mount Maunganui provides a picturesque backdrop and is a popular spot for hiking and surfing. The area’s rich history is reflected in its numerous historical sites and museums that tell the stories of both Maori heritage and European settlement. With its mix of urban sophistication and laid-back beach lifestyle, Tauranga offers a unique blend of experiences for all who visit.

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  • Baycourt Community & Arts Centre: This premier performing arts venue in downtown Tauranga hosts a wide range of cultural events including theatre productions, concerts, art exhibitions, and festivals. Its beautifully designed auditorium makes any visit a memorable experience.
  • Mount Maunganui Beach: Known locally as ‘The Mount,’ this iconic beach offers golden sands, excellent surfing conditions, and leisurely walking tracks around or up the mount itself for panoramic views of the coastline.
  • Tauranga Art Gallery: This gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions featuring both national and international artists. It’s a must-visit for art enthusiasts looking to explore New Zealand’s vibrant art scene.
  • Classic Flyers NZ: Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy exploring this museum dedicated to preserving New Zealand’s aviation history. It features aircraft displays, flight simulators, and the opportunity to take scenic flights.
  • The Historic Village: Step back in time at this charming village that recreates life from early New Zealand settlements. It hosts shops, cafes, galleries, and regular events that bring history to life.
  • Te Puke Goodness Grows Here: Just outside Tauranga is Te Puke known as the Kiwifruit Capital of the World. Visitors can tour kiwifruit orchards learn about the fruit’s cultivation process.
  • Waimarino Adventure Park: This adventure park on the banks of the Wairoa River offers activities like kayaking glow worm tours water trampolines climbing walls making it perfect for families seeking fun outdoors.
  • McLaren Falls Park: A short drive from Tauranga McLaren Falls Park offers beautiful walks alongside waterfalls picnic areas fishing spots making it an ideal location for nature lovers photographers alike.
  • Brew Bus NZ Craft Beer Tours: For those interested in craft beer Brew Bus NZ provides guided tours around some of Bay Plenty’s best breweries offering tastings insights into beer-making process.
  • Papamoa Hills Cultural Heritage Regional Park: Offering stunning views across Bay Plenty Papamoa Hills Cultural Heritage Regional Park combines great hiking opportunities with significant archaeological sites dating back hundreds years showcasing rich Maori history region.