Things to do in Durham

Durham, a historic city nestled in the heart of County Durham, Northeast England, is renowned for its breathtaking Norman cathedral and castle, both designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This charming city, with its cobbled streets winding down to the scenic River Wear, offers a blend of rich history and natural beauty. The university, one of the oldest in England, adds a vibrant academic atmosphere to the city, contributing to its lively cultural scene.

Despite its compact size, Durham boasts an impressive array of historical landmarks, quaint shops, and riverside walks that make it a must-visit destination. The city’s medieval architecture, including the well-preserved Durham Cathedral and Castle, provides a fascinating glimpse into England’s past. Meanwhile, contemporary attractions such as art galleries and theaters ensure there’s something for everyone in this enchanting city.

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  • Durham Cathedral: A masterpiece of Norman architecture known for its stunning Romanesque design and ancient relics. Visitors can explore this living monument that has stood for centuries as a place of worship and historical intrigue.
  • Durham Castle: Offering guided tours that reveal the history of this Norman fortress which now serves as part of University College Durham. Its grandeur and significance in English history are unmatched.
  • Durham University Botanic Garden: A haven of tranquility featuring plants from around the globe, artistic installations, and woodland walks. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers.
  • Durham Light Infantry Museum: Dedicated to commemorating the regiment’s role in British military history through engaging exhibits and collections.
  • Gala Theatre: Hosting a diverse program of theater productions, comedy shows, music performances, and cinema screenings in the heart of Durham.
  • Beamish Museum: An open-air museum that brings to life the people, places and history of North East England during the 1820s, 1900s & 1940s.
  • Durham Riverside Walk: A picturesque path along the River Wear offering stunning views of Durham Cathedral and Castle amidst lush greenery.
  • Prince Bishops Shopping Centre: The go-to destination for shopping enthusiasts looking for high street brands and unique boutiques in Durham’s historic center.
  • Durham’s Heritage Coast: Known for its dramatic cliffs, dunes covered with wildflowers during springtime and beautiful beaches perfect for leisurely walks or fossil hunting.
  • Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon: Celebrates Britain’s railway heritage with interactive exhibits and an impressive collection of locomotives dating back over 300 years.
  • The Durham Brewery: Offers tours that delve into traditional brewing processes while providing tastings of their award-winning beers crafted on-site.