21 things to do in County Fermanagh

Welcome to Fermanagh, a picturesque county located in the western part of Northern Ireland. Fermanagh is home to stunning landscapes, beautiful lakes, and charming villages, making it a great destination for visitors looking to explore the natural beauty and history of Northern Ireland.

One of the best ways to experience Fermanagh is to take a boat tour of Lough Erne, the county’s largest lake. The lake is home to many small islands, castles, and historic sites, and a boat tour offers a unique perspective on the region’s beauty and history. You can also try your hand at fishing in Lough Erne, which is renowned for its excellent trout and salmon.

Another must-see attraction in Fermanagh is the Marble Arch Caves. This underground cave system is one of the most fascinating natural wonders in the UK, and a guided tour of the caves is a highlight of any visit to Fermanagh.

If you’re interested in history and culture, you should visit Enniskillen Castle. This historic fortress dates back to the 16th century and is now a museum that tells the story of Fermanagh’s rich history. You can also explore the Florence Court Estate, an 18th-century mansion surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Fermanagh offers some of the best hiking and cycling in Northern Ireland. The Cuilcagh Mountains are a popular destination for hikers, while the Fermanagh Lakeland Forum offers a range of outdoor activities, including cycling, kayaking, and rock climbing.

No trip to Fermanagh would be complete without sampling some of the local cuisine and beer. The county is home to many traditional pubs and restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks, and the warm and friendly atmosphere of these establishments is a highlight of any visit.

Finally, Fermanagh is a great destination for road trips. The county is small enough to explore in a day, and a road trip offers the opportunity to see the many small villages and hidden gems that make Fermanagh such a special place. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, outdoor activities, or just relaxing in a beautiful setting, Fermanagh has something for everyone.

Fun things to do in Fermanagh

  • Explore the Marble Arch Caves: the Marble Arch Caves are a series of underground caves that offer a unique and fascinating experience for visitors. You can take a guided tour of the caves and see the beautiful formations that have been created over millions of years.
  • Take a boat tour of Lough Erne: Lough Erne is a beautiful lake that spans the entire county. You can take a boat tour of the lake and see some of the stunning islands, castles, and wildlife that call it home.
  • Visit Enniskillen Castle: Enniskillen Castle is a historic fortress from the 16th century. You can explore the castle and learn about its history, as well as visit the museums and galleries that are housed within its walls.
  • Go for a hike in the Cuilcagh Mountains: the Cuilcagh Mountains offer some of the best hiking in Fermanagh, with stunning views and beautiful scenery. You can take the Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail, which leads to the summit of the mountain and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Relax at the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre: Belleek Pottery is a world-famous ceramics factory that has been producing fine china for over 160 years. You can visit the visitor centre and see how the pottery is made, as well as purchase some of the beautiful pieces to take home.
  • Visit the Florence Court Estate: the Florence Court Estate is a beautiful 18th-century mansion surrounded by stunning gardens and parkland. You can explore the house and gardens, as well as take a guided tour of the estate and learn about its history.
  • Have a pint at a local pub: Fermanagh is home to some of the best pubs in Northern Ireland, with a warm and friendly atmosphere and plenty of traditional Irish music. Whether you’re in Enniskillen or one of the small villages, there’s always a good pub to be found.
  • Go fishing in Lough Melvin: Lough Melvin is a beautiful lake that is known for its excellent fishing. You can fish for trout and salmon in the lake, and plenty of guides and equipment rental companies are available to help you make the most of your fishing trip.
  • Visit the Fermanagh Lakeland Forum: The Fermanagh Lakeland Forum is a leisure centre that offers a range of activities, including a swimming pool, gym, and sports facilities. It’s a great place to spend a rainy day or get some exercise during your visit to Fermanagh.
  • Take a road trip around the county: Fermanagh is a small county, but it’s full of beautiful scenery and hidden gems. Take a road trip around the county and explore the small villages, stunning landscapes, and beautiful lakes that make Fermanagh such a special place.

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