Things to do in Arran

Arran, often referred to as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, is the largest island in the Firth of Clyde, situated in the southwest of Scotland. With its diverse landscapes ranging from rugged mountains and woodlands to serene beaches and coastal cliffs, Arran encapsulates much of the natural beauty for which Scotland is renowned. The island’s geology, history, and wildlife draw visitors from around the globe, making it a microcosm of Scottish heritage and natural splendor.

The cultural and historical richness of Arran is evident in its ancient ruins, standing stones, and castles that dot the landscape. Brodick Castle, with its extensive gardens and woodland trails, offers a glimpse into Scotland’s feudal past while serving as a reminder of Arran’s strategic importance through the ages. The island’s economy thrives on tourism but also benefits from local produce such as cheese, beer, and whisky, with the Isle of Arran Distillery being a key attraction. Whether it’s outdoor adventures or exploring quaint villages like Lamlash and Lochranza, Arran provides an enchanting escape for all who visit.

Don't miss...

  • Brodick Castle: Explore this historic castle set against the backdrop of Goatfell mountain. Visitors can enjoy wandering through its beautiful gardens and woodland walks.
  • Isle of Arran Distillers: Discover one of Scotland's few remaining independent distilleries. Take a tour to learn about whisky production before sampling some unique single malts.
  • Arran Wildlife: Join guided walks to see red deer, golden eagles, otters, and seals in their natural habitat.
  • Walking Trails: From gentle coastal walks to challenging mountain hikes including Goatfell summit for breathtaking views over the island.
  • Golf Courses: Enjoy playing golf on some of Arran’s picturesque courses that cater to all skill levels.
  • Arran Art Galleries & Craft Shops: Experience local artistry by visiting galleries and shops showcasing handcrafted goods made on the island.
  • Lochranza Centre CIC: Ideal for families looking to engage in outdoor activities like kayaking, archery, and gorge walking.
  • Machrie Moor Stone Circles: Visit these mysterious ancient stone circles set amidst stunning scenery for a touch of prehistoric wonder.
  • Kings Cave Trail: Follow this trail leading to historic caves believed to be Robert the Bruce’s hiding place during his campaign for Scottish independence.
  • Local Festivals & Events: Participate in local festivals celebrating everything from food and drink to music and storytelling throughout the year.
  • Arran Seabaths: Experience seaweed baths using locally sourced seaweed known for its therapeutic properties.