Things to do in Ayrshire

Ayrshire, located on the southwestern coast of Scotland, is a region steeped in history and natural beauty. Known for its picturesque landscapes that encompass rolling hills, rugged coastlines, and charming villages, Ayrshire has long been a destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. The area boasts a rich heritage, with connections to famous Scots such as Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, whose birthplace and museum attract visitors from around the globe. Ayrshire’s agricultural roots are evident in its thriving local produce markets and the prominence of dairy farming in the region.

The county also offers an array of historical sites ranging from ancient castles to significant battlegrounds that played pivotal roles in Scottish history. Alongside its historical treasures, Ayrshire presents a vibrant cultural scene with festivals, music events, and art exhibitions occurring throughout the year. For outdoor enthusiasts, the region provides ample opportunities for golfing at world-renowned courses, hiking along scenic trails such as the Ayrshire Coastal Path, and engaging in water sports along its expansive coastline. With its blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness, Ayrshire is a captivating destination for travelers.

Don't miss...

  • Culzean Castle & Country Park: Explore the dramatic clifftop castle set within an extensive country park. Culzean Castle offers visitors beautifully restored rooms to wander through, vast gardens to explore including a walled garden and tropical greenhouse, plus breathtaking views over the Firth of Clyde.
  • Robert Burns Birthplace Museum: Delve into the life of Scotland's national bard at this comprehensive museum which includes Burns Cottage where he was born, historic landmarks related to his life and work, interactive exhibits and beautiful gardens.
  • Dumfries House: An 18th-century estate saved by Prince Charles featuring an outstanding collection of Chippendale furniture. Guided tours showcase lavish interiors while extensive grounds offer walking paths among varied landscapes.
  • Heads of Ayr Farm Park: Perfect for families looking to enjoy outdoor activities including animal encounters with everything from farm animals to exotic species like lemurs; plus play areas and quad biking tracks provide fun for all ages.
  • Scottish Maritime Museum: Located in Irvine showcases Scotland’s influence on maritime history through collections of ships models boats shipbuilding machinery art works photographs personal items that tell stories sea travel shipbuilding fishing life-saving war at sea more.
  • Kelburn Castle & Country Centre: This unique castle features graffiti artwork by Brazilian artists on its exterior walls making it one-of-a-kind attraction alongside traditional country park offerings such as woodland walks waterfall picnic areas children’s play areas live events throughout year.
  • Largs: This coastal town is not only known for 'The Pencil', a monument commemorating Battle Largs 1263 but also vibrant waterfront promenade offering shops cafes restaurants ice cream parlors sailing adventures Vikingar! centre which tells story Vikings Western Scotland.
  • Brodick Castle Garden & Country Park: On Isle Arran accessible short ferry ride from mainland Brodick Castle presents mix heritage natural beauty guided tours reveal history architecture while garden country park feature formal gardens woodland trails adventure playground wildlife watching opportunities.
  • Trump Turnberry Golf Resort: Renowned globally prestigious golf resort offers some finest links courses world including famous Ailsa course which has hosted Open Championship multiple times luxury accommodations dining spa facilities round out experience any golfer enthusiast must-visit destination.
  • Whitelee Windfarm Visitor Centre: Europe’s largest onshore windfarm located outskirts Glasgow short drive away Whitelee fascinating look renewable energy action visitor centre interactive exhibits walking cycling routes amidst turbines themselves great day out interested sustainability environment technology alike.
  • Ayrshire Farmers Markets: Experience local produce firsthand visiting one many farmers markets held throughout county offering chance sample buy fresh fruits vegetables meats cheeses baked goods directly producers fostering community spirit supporting economy same time perfect foodies looking authentic culinary experiences.