Photo by: Robin Canfield

31 fun things to do in Inverness

Inverness is the largest city in the Highlands and it does not disappoint in the activities it has to offer, most known for its natural landscapes, medieval ruins and prehistoric sites, all make it a truly wonderful city to explore.

There are many things to do, if you are a massive fan of museums then why not head to the wonderful Highland Folk Museum for a deep insight into Scottish history in the Highlands?

Inverness is home to a few historic and quite frankly spectacular castles, none more so than the breath-taking Inverness Castle, take a tour today and be amazed by all the rich history it has to offer.

If you are here for an unforgettable nature ride then look no further than the most thrilling bike hire trails possible. The famous North Coast 500 is available to tackle by road bike and it will not disappoint and you will see some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery that the Highlands have to offer.

After all these frantic and thrilling activities you could possibly relax in the amazing Botanic Gardens, having a wonderful smell of the pure nature that the plants and flowers have to offer, there is no better way to spend a sunny day in Inverness.