Photo by: Tim Hill

34 fun things to do in Cornwall

Cornwall is a truly unique place in the UK – it’s best known for its dramatic coastlines, golden sandy beaches and charming villages, making it one of Britain’s favourite holiday destinations. Explore this guide to make the most of your trip to England’s most southern county.

Did you know that Cornwall didn’t become fully integrated into England until the 18th century? Cornwall has its own proud identity and language, tracing their routes to Ancient Britons and Celts. You can dive deeper into Cornwall’s heritage with these fascinating historical locations and museums, or learn the Cornish language itself with these language courses!

There’s over 300 beaches in Cornwall, and you’re never more than 10 miles away from the next sandy paradise. While you’re there, try these exciting watersports activities, like jet skiing at the beautiful Newquay, or test your bravery by abseiling the cliffs of Cornwall.

Cornwall is without doubt one of the best places to escape the city with the family, so check out these family friendly experiences, from the famous Minack Theatre to the Helston Railway. Of course, while you’re in Cornwall, you have to take a tour of where Doc Martin was filmed!