Loughs Agency is an organisation that Organises and promotes events giving you many social and environmental benefits through conversation and management. There are many activities to choose from such as Boating and sailing, Diving, Kayaking, Rowing, Kite surfing, stand up Paddling boarding and surfing. You will definitely find something that suits you. If you like diving this is the place for you, with the many wrecks claimed over the centuries you will be a bot to view them up close like the famous 1100 tonne Trinidad Valencera which was considered the largest ship in Spain before it sank in 1588. You can also enjoy viewing the many artefacts recovered in the Museum.

Where can I learn about the development of marine resources in County Londonderry?

At Loughs Agency where you can join the Fish counter programs using the latest technology to manage the fishery.

Surfing can be so much fun at Benone beach as it stretches to 11 kilometres. Surfers of all ages can enjoy this activity. The massive waves are excellent for surfers and beginners, and they gradually become bigger. Boating sailing and cruising on the Foyle area is one of the best attractions. The Foyle area is one of Irelands biggest Atlantic inlets. Sailors can cruise along the coast and pass the site of the famous German Navy’s U-Boat which was surrendered in World War II. Another way to explore rivers is through the Stand-up paddle boarding, it helps you relax and keep fit at the same time while you enjoy the view of the amazing surroundings. Lessons are available so check the website today.

Kayaking and Canoeing are also popular at Loughs agency. No matter your ability or age you will enjoy amazing Foyle Trail which stretches to 53 Kilometres from rural Tyrone. This is an activity everyone in the family can enjoy. If you want some exercise then why not try the River Rowing, there are single sculls, pairs, quads and even eights.

  • Prices start from £20.
  • Enjoy activities such as Moonlight Kayaking and Boom boards!
  • Join a group and participate in any activity.
  • You can pay online, or pay at the venue.

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