Luxury Adventures in Iceland

Luxury Adventures has been a family-run company since 2003, with skilled driver/guides knowledgeable in many different languages and a wide range of activities. Luxury Adventures has the perfect accommodations so whilst you stay you can fully rest and relax as well as  knowledgeable guides with whom you will enjoy learning about all of Iceland’s feature as you  spend time with them on the tour. So whether you want a quick family break or just a romantic weekend away they will tailor all the activities to make sure it suits your lifestyle.

Why should I take a tour at Luxury Adventures in Iceland?

Luxury Adventure not only allows you to travel around Iceland's beautiful landscapes whilst learning about Iceland but it also allows you to completely customise it yourself!

They also provide; luxury chauffeuring, super jeeps/SUVs, helicopters and other aircrafts as well as experienced guiding, unique activities and flexibility which allows you to have the holiday that personally desire. As Iceland is made up of black sand beaches, 130 volcanoes, 10,000 waterfalls; geysers as well as having 24 hours of sunlight during the summer using someone who knows the country so well that you can find out which are the best landmarks to see when you go is some priceless information.

  • Prices vary depending on your tour.
  • you have the ability to fully customise your tour
  • They can be your personal chauffeurs on your visit and take you to all the sights
  • they have different tours depending on the time of year you visit

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Axe Throwing in Hafnarfjörður

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