Microlight Adventures in East Lothian
Microlight Adventures in East Lothian

Microlight Adventures in East Lothian

Do you want to be flown around one of Scotland’s prettiest seaside towns and experience the thrill of flying in a microlight in the safe hands of an instructor? You can travel to see the Bass Rock and all of its seaside and wildlife, or if you fancy an extended trip you can set off to the hills. From 30 minutes airborne up to 2 hours floating and gliding in the sky, you can have an extraordinary experience. With the take-off and landing handled by the instructor, you can sit back and enjoy the fantastic sights, or you can try your hand at flying the vehicle. The world is your oyster in the air!

Where can I find East of Scotland Microlights?

Near North Berwick is the East Fortune Airfield and is an amazing way to see the Scottish coast by air!

Want to make a day out of it? Why not head over to the National Museum of Flight nearby? Or better yet, if you have more time, why not book yourself a B&B and spend a weekend exploring all that East Lothian and North Berwick have to offer!

  • 30 minutes – £80, 60 minutes – £140, 90 minutes – £200, 120 minutes – £250
  • According to statistics, micro lighting is the safest form of aviation sport in the UK
  • Maximum passenger weight of 16.5 stone
  • The minimum age requirement for a microlight is 14 years old
  • Bring a camera with you to remember your day forever (secured to you via a neck strap provided by staff)
  • Outdoor and indoor seating for friends/family members while you are in the air
  • Weather dependent activity – phone on the day to check the forecast
  • Dress as if ‘going for a walk in winter’.
  • Provided with a flying suit, fleecy neck tube, helmet and intercom
  • E-vouchers are available as gifts (automatic 10% to Maryhatton Garden Café) 

Things to do in East Lothian

East of Scotland Microlights Flying Lessons

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Wildlife Centre in North Berwick

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