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Nestled in the heart of the Lake District, just a stone’s throw from Keswick, Honister Slate Mine stands as a testament to human endeavor against the backdrop of England’s most rugged and dramatic landscapes. This unique attraction offers visitors an unparalleled insight into the rich industrial heritage of the North of England, while also providing thrilling adventures for those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

Discovering Honister’s history

The story of Honister begins over 300 years ago, with its slate being highly prized for its quality and durability. A visit to Honister is not just a journey through stunning scenery; it’s a step back in time to when this mine was at the heart of local communities. The guided tours inside the mine reveal the harsh conditions miners endured and showcase the traditional methods used in slate mining that have been preserved to this day.

What makes Honister Slate Mine unique compared to other attractions in the Lake District?

Honister Slate Mine uniquely combines its rich industrial heritage with thrilling adventure activities like England's first Via Ferrata and Infinity Bridge, set against some of Britain’s most spectacular natural scenery.

Adventures at Honister

For those seeking adrenaline-fueled experiences, Honister does not disappoint. Home to England’s first Via Ferrata, where visitors can traverse cliff faces using fixed iron roads, it offers breathtaking views across the Lake District. More recently, ‘Infinity Bridge’, suspended high above a gaping chasm, provides an exhilarating walk for those brave enough to tackle it. These activities not only offer excitement but also unique perspectives on the stunning landscape that surrounds Honister.

A hub for walkers and climbers

The area around Honister Pass serves as an ideal starting point for numerous walks and climbs suitable for all abilities. From gentle rambles exploring the serene beauty of Buttermere Valley to challenging ascents up Fleetwith Pike, there is something here for everyone. The pass itself is renowned among cyclists and motorists alike for its steep gradients and hairpin bends, offering rewarding views at every turn.

Sustainable tourism at its best

Honister Slate Mine is deeply committed to sustainability and conservation efforts. By visiting, you’re supporting these initiatives which aim to preserve this magnificent landscape for future generations while maintaining its historical significance. The mine operates with minimal environmental impact, promoting local craftsmanship by producing traditional slate products that are used across Britain.

Planning your visit

Open year-round, Honister Slate Mine offers various tours catering to different interests and thrill levels. Whether you’re delving deep into the mines or scaling cliffs on Via Ferrata, booking ahead is advisable especially during peak seasons. There’s also a café on site serving local delicacies – perfect for refueling after an adventurous day out.


  • Historic working slate mine with over 300 years of history
  • Home to England’s first Via Ferrata
  • Features Infinity Bridge – offering exhilarating walks high above a chasm
  • Ideal starting point for walks and climbs in Buttermere Valley and Fleetwith Pike
  • Committed to sustainability and conservation efforts
  • Tours available year-round catering to various interests and thrill levels
  • Café on site serving local delicacies

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