Mine your own piece of Blue John at Treak Cliff Cavern in the Peak District

This truly unique hands-on experience will take you through the mines and teach you all about the mining, polishing and crafting processes used at Treak Cliff. After a tour of the mines, you’ll get to prospect your own piece of gem with the help of their expert craftspeople, and after a lunch break with food included with your booking, you’ll learn how to clean, prepare, grind and polish your stone, before creating your own decorative piece to take home. Each piece of Blue John is distinctive in colour and pattern so you know you’ll be taking home something truly unique. Whether you want a fantastic mining and crafting experience or just want to explore these incredible caves, Treak Cliff Cavern is a must-visit!

Where can I find the best caverns in the Peak District?

The caverns around Castleton are not just spectacular in terms of their history, they are also filled with stalagmites, fossils and of course, the rare mineral Blue John! Each cave offers its own tours, but Treak Cliff is the only place you can mine your own piece of Blue John to take home.

If you’d rather just explore for a less intense experience they also run guided tours through the mines, with plenty of fascinating information about the history of these one-of-a-kind caverns. With Blue John Cavern and Speedwell Cavern also nearby, why not book a whole day of cave exploring and see which one you like best! At Blue John Cavern you can visit the waterfall cavern with its multi-coloured dome and the dining room where Lord Mulgrave used to host the miners, with veins of Blue John visible in the walls!

  • £240 per person
  • The full experience takes around 5-6 hours
  • Maximum of 4 people per group
  • Not recommended for people with back problems, serious medical conditions or pregnant visitors
  • Tea/coffee and lunch included
  • Workshop protective gear included but please dress appropriately
  • Open 9.00am – 3.00pm: 1st Nov – 28th Feb, and 9.00am – 4.00pm: 1st March – 31st Oct

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