Panorama glass lodges are one of the most comfortable and relaxing places in the whole of Iceland, whether you are lying in the comfort of your king size bed or relaxing with a glass of champagne in the hot tub, you will not let the beautiful scenery pass you by. With 4 different lodges to choose from, you have the opportunity to see everything from the ice cool lake or the Hekla volcano. These lodges guarantee your privacy as each lodge is not visible from one another. Each lodge is out on it’s own so you are not close to anyone else, this private romantic getaway is perfect for couples on there honeymoons or just looking to get a break from the real world.

Why go to a glass lodge in Iceland?

Is there a better way to relax than in your own private lodge? With glass ceilings you will have the perfect view of the beautiful night sky of South Iceland from lying in your own bed.

Each lodge is for 2 people and it is best book well in advance as dates sell out very quickly due to high demand. All lodgesinclue your very own private bathroom and if you wish to relax in the fresh air of Iceland then every lodge also has it’s own private hot tub or outdoor pool. All cabins will give you a brilliant view of the golden circle and the black sand beach. You will be sure to never forget this experience with your true love as it is one of the most romantic settings Iceland has to offer.

  • Prices for adults start at 480 EUR
  • All lodges have a kings size bed
  • Fully booked until April
  • Hammock’s available on some of the lodges

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