Are you looking for a tough but exciting hike around one of the most beautiful areas that Rotoura has to offer? Then Kaitiaki Adventures are now taking you on a once in a lifetime trip round the magnificent Mount Tarawera seeing all their historic roots and amazing sights which make it as special as it is. It is perfect for all ages to witness the true beauty that mother nature created centuries ago, you will have the chance to walk through what used to be a volcanic crater which erupted back on June the 10th 1886, at the time of erupting it destroyed the legendary pink and white terraces.



The classic Mount Tarawera tour will last around 4 and a half hours and runs 7 days a week, there is no place locally to the site which offers food and drinks but the tour guides are more than happy for you to bring your own to make sure you are refreshed and fueled for your long thrilling journey. There is a 7 day a week transport service running from Rotoura straight to the site and it will also return you back after you have explored the wonders. There is also a fly option which will take you by helicopter and you will see all the stunning sight from high up in the sky in a luxurious helicopter.


  • Prices will begin at $145 for ages 7 years or older
  • Flying tour begins at $640 from 7 years or older
  • Flying tour will last 3 hours

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