Mountain Biking in Mabie Forest

Looking for a place to go mountain biking or even just a present stroll in the countryside? if you are looking to mountain bike then 7stanes has you covered, with a wide range of mountain bike trails through the forest ranging from easy difficulty to hard.

Where is 7 Stanes Mabie mountain bike trails?

The trails are located in the Mabie forest.

7 Stanes have you covered when it comes to mountain biking as they have facilities all over Scotland, They have set up and routed the best mountain biking trails around the local areas that they occupy. In the Mabie forest, they have 3 bike trails available ranging from 5 miles long to 12 miles long. The easiest is the big views loop where you will encounter gentle slopes and beautiful scenery while enjoying an easier ride, at medium difficulty is the Woodhead loop which is slightly harder than the big views loop and explores the far side of the forest where there are quite a forest roads, the hardest being the phoenix trail which is a mix of the cross country route in the woodland.

  • Car parking £3 for all-day
  • Bikes for hire at certain locations

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