Mountain Experience in North Yorkshire
Mountain Experience in North Yorkshire

Mountain Experience in North Yorkshire

Enjoy outdoor activities in the British countryside, learning skills, knowledge and the ability to work in the great outdoors through guided events.

Looking for courses to improve your map reading skills, leadership abilities, kayak or learning first aid then head to River Mountain where you can gain experience and knowledge.

Love Canoes and Kayaks? Then you will love to glide down the river with the sun on your back. This can happen at River Mountain. You can learn to control your own Kayak or Canoe or improve your skills. From beginners to professionals, we have something for everyone at any level.

Where can I experience training courses in skills for water and land activities in Yorkshire?

At River Mountain, the highly trained and experienced staff develop your skills at your own pace and will help you train.

Looking after yourself in the great outdoors can be challenging but at River Mountain, you can learn how to read a map, look after yourself and learn about the history around you.

In summer or winter, there is always something to do such as hill walking exploring the mountains of the UK with an experienced mountain leader, being guided around some of the classic ascents and learning skills to move safely in the hills and moors throughout the year.

If you have experience but think you lack the skills to get to more caches, let the River Mountain team guide you in the countryside. You can get help to get started with a day on the basics of the sport to help you find those remote caches that you deemed of visiting.

Whether you are skiing, walking or climbing in the winter hills or mountains this is the place to be. Learn how to avoid avalanches and learn some of the safe travel techniques and equipment that is available to help. This can be a full-day experience or an evening group club the choice is yours.

  • Price range from £20 – £30 for specific events and £185 as the maximum for specific other activities
  • Can bring a maximum of 2 people
  • No available car park
  • Equipment prices below
1.5 Hrs 3 Hrs 6 Hrs
Kayak £28 £35 £46
Canoe (Solo) £28 £35 £46
Canoe (Tandem) £36 £48 £60
Tandem Inflatable Kayak £36 £48 £60


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