Who doesn’t love lighthouses? If you do, then make sure to visit the Mull Of Kintyre Lighthouse when visiting the argyll area! The lighthouse was built way back in 1788 by Thomas Smith and has become an increasingly important part of the area. Although it has been automated since 1996, the site is still occasionally manned by crews for maintenance. Visitors may be able to see the lighthouse’s 250-watt multi-vapour lamp, along with its 1km electric fog signal.

How do I get to Mull of Kintyre?

If travelling from Glasgow, you can get the bus from Buchanan Bus station to Campbeltown, which takes around 4 hours, Mull of Kintyre is a short distance from here.

This magnificent tower is over 12 metres high and stands as an important tool for navigating the seas to this day. Its sole reason for being commissioned on the area was due to Mull of Kintyre’s brutal past with shipwrecks and difficult navigation. Visitors can stay in the former keeper’s cottages, that were once used to house workers on the site. These cottages are now run as holiday homes by the National Trust For Scotland. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and experience a day out like never before!

  • Accommodation
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Ferry available

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