Murder Mystery Improv Show in Manchester

Stop! Do you think you have what it takes to solve one of the most puzzling, comedic Stacks in Manchester? Murder inc. Improv put a new twist on murder mysteries, bringing the puzzle to you in the form of an interactive, entertaining comedy show! Each show is different, being prompted by the responses and solutions of the audience, leading to a unique experience with every visit. Each month, the puzzle also changes, allowing for a whole new experience to be indulged in!

Where can I go to a comedy murder mystery improv show in Manchester?

Discover a world of murderous mystery, as well as a world of laughs, with Manchesters Murder inc. Improv. Found in the Ape and Apple pub, food and drinks can be enjoyed while immersing yourself in the puzzle.

With tickets having limited availability, it’s best to book as soon as you can! Visit their website to view the monthly themes and to book your ticket to join in the fun. Visit the Ape and Apple to start your night with laughs and mystery, before adventuring further into Manchester!

  • Unique, new themes each month
  • Only £6 tickets
  • Runs from 8 pm onwards

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