Located in the vibrant heart of Angel Street in the North of England, the National Videogame Museum stands as a beacon for gaming enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. This unique museum offers an immersive journey through the evolution of video games, from their humble beginnings to their current status as a dominant force in global entertainment. The museum’s interactive exhibits, rare collections, and educational programs make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the art, science, and culture of video gaming.

Welcome to the world of gaming

The National Videogame Museum welcomes visitors with open arms into a world where pixels and game controllers reign supreme. Upon entering, guests are greeted by an array of colorful displays showcasing the rich history of video games. The museum’s collection includes everything from early arcade cabinets and home consoles to modern VR setups, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s technological advancements.

What makes the National Videogame Museum unique compared to other museums?

The National Videogame Museum distinguishes itself through its interactive exhibits that allow visitors to play classic games firsthand; its rare collections featuring prototype consoles, limited edition items, and original artwork; as well as its focus on serving as both an educational resource and community hub for gamers.

Interactive exhibits

One of the museum’s highlights is its interactive exhibits. These hands-on displays allow visitors to experience classic games firsthand, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane for older gamers while introducing younger generations to the roots of contemporary gaming. From battling it out on vintage Pong machines to exploring virtual worlds with cutting-edge technology, there’s something for everyone at the National Videogame Museum.

Educational programs and events

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the museum hosts a variety of educational programs and special events throughout the year. Workshops on game design and development provide valuable insights into the creative process behind video games, while talks and presentations by industry professionals offer unique perspectives on gaming culture and history. These programs are designed to inspire future generations of game designers, developers, and enthusiasts.

Rare collections and artifacts

The National Videogame Museum also boasts an impressive collection of rare gaming artifacts that cannot be found anywhere else. Highlights include prototype consoles that never reached mass production, limited edition games and peripherals, and original artwork from iconic titles. These items offer a glimpse into what might have been in the world of video games and serve as a reminder of the industry’s constant innovation.

A community hub for gamers

Beyond its exhibitions and educational offerings, the National Videogame Museum serves as a community hub for gamers. Regular gaming tournaments bring together players of all skill levels to compete in friendly matches across various genres. Meanwhile, social events like retro game nights foster camaraderie among visitors who share a passion for video games. Whether you’re looking to meet fellow gamers or simply enjoy an afternoon immersed in gaming culture, this museum offers ample opportunities to connect with others who share your interests.


  • Interactive exhibits featuring playable classic games
  • Educational programs on game design and development
  • Rare collections including prototype consoles and original artwork
  • Gaming tournaments and social events fostering community engagement
  • Located in Angel Street in North England – easily accessible location
  • Dedicated sections showcasing technological advancements over time

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