BEE Experiences is a non-profit outdoor activity business that offers a variety of adult and children’s outdoor adventures. We began with the goal of delivering inexpensive, accessible mountain treks that would challenge your daily life.

Why should I go to Bee Adventures?

Our goal is to provide folks with an opportunity to step outside and unplug. Let us handle the driving, parking, and guiding. Simply show up and meet individuals who share your interests.

Top 6 reasons we created BEE Adventures

  • We love teaching and inspiring people about the outdoors.
  • Being able to work in a beautiful place.
  • Meeting people from all walks of life.
  • Turning a passion/hobby into a job.
  • Helping discover people’s abilities they never knew they had.
  • Planning and picking our own routes, hours and days off.

We set out with the ambition to make a powerful lasting impact on people’s lives. We do this by creating accessible outdoor opportunities for everyone from all backgrounds. To improve everyone’s mental and physical well-being, we want people to need to start seeing the outdoors as essential, not just leisure.

Low-level walking days are designed for anybody looking for a quiet stroll through some of Britain’s most beautiful scenery. These hikes are ideal for novices as well as nature enthusiasts and those looking for a little adventure.

Mountain Hiking Days are slightly more difficult than our low-level excursions; these days are placed high in the mountains and designed for anybody looking for a wild experience. Beginners are welcome, although participation in these walks requires a general degree of fitness. If you’ve ever wanted to escape away from civilization for a day, this is your opportunity.


  • £25.00 per adult
  • Maximum people you can bring (2 People)

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