Take a spooky tour through the magnificent site of Glasgow Necropolis! The Friends Of Glasgow Necropolis are excited to offer friendly and educational walking tours of the Glasgow Necropolis. The tours are run by extremely well informed, volunteer tour guides who love giving their time and knowledge to share their passion for this stunning cemetery to the visitors of the Glasgow Necropolis.

What will I discover on a tour of Glasgow Necropolis?

The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis tours are designed to provide an in-depth introduction and overview of the 15-hectare historical Victorian Cemetery by telling the story of some of the 50 thousand people whose bodies were laid to rest inside the cemetery's walls and how they contributed to making Glasgow the second city of the Victorian Empire.

For visitors who would like a Bespoke and Private tour at a time and date that suits them, if given plenty of time in advance, the tour guides at The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis can provide a very special personal tour tailored to their needs. Private tours are a great gift idea and ideal for small or large groups and organisations, such as school trips.

If guests would prefer to walk around the site in their own time there are guide books available to follow. The proceeds of these books go towards the restoration of the Glasgow Necropolis so choosing this option is a great way to contribute to the well-being of the Necropolis.

For more information on what tours are available and where to go to find The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis, please either check out their website or get in touch via email.

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