Norfolk Lavender – A Garden and Café dedicated to Lavender!

Visit Norfolk Lavender to see around 100 acres of lavender fields and an oil distillery, plus on-site gift shops and restaurant.

What gardens can we visit in the Norfolk area?

Visit Norfolk Lavender to see fields of Lavender and other beautiful plants!

Norfolk Lavender are a historic Lavender Farm with an extensive Gift Shop and Plant Centre. They have a large Farm Shop, Deli & Butchers also the Animal Garden (there is a charge for entry to the Animal Garden) There is no charge to park and to look around.

Visit there Café to enjoy their brilliant lunch menu with sandwich and afternoon tea options. Also have a slice of Lavender Cake if your taste buds are feeling adventurous and you want a taste of that sweet lavender you can smell all around you.

  • Look at their amazing fields of Lavender and other plants!
  • features Animals!
  • Open 9.30am -5pm


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