Notty’s Gutbuster Breakfast Challenge

Do you love man vs food , try it for yourself down at Notty’s Cafe, this undefeated breakfast challenge includes a monstrous platter of slices of bacon, five sausages, three eggs, fried potatoes, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, four hash browns, four portions of black pudding, eight slices of toast and a regular tea or coffee.There is a 25-minute time limit to finish everything.

What food challenges can I do in Swansea ?

Located in Bridgend is Notty’s Gutbuster Breakfast Challenge!

If you defeat this monster of a challenge you will be the first ever person who will be put on the wall of fame ! Can you do it ?

  • Type:Breakfast
  • Price: £12.50
  • Weight:5lbs/2.28kg
  • Time Limit: 25 Minutes


Ref: MO

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