Observatory in County Armagh

Welcome to Armagh Space, a premier destination for space enthusiasts and families looking for an educational adventure in Northern Ireland. Nestled in the historic city of Armagh, this state-of-the-art facility offers a unique blend of astronomy and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in the mysteries of the universe.

Discover the cosmos

Armagh Space is home to one of the most advanced planetariums in Europe. Visitors can embark on a journey through the stars with stunning digital projections that bring the wonders of the universe to life. From breathtaking views of distant galaxies to immersive explorations of the solar system, each show is designed to educate and inspire awe in audiences of all ages.

What makes Armagh Space unique among European planetariums?

Armagh Space stands out due to its combination of advanced digital projection technology within its planetarium shows alongside an extensive collection of historical telescopes that showcase centuries of astronomical research.

Explore historical telescopes

The facility also boasts an impressive collection of historical telescopes, some dating back centuries. These instruments tell the story of humanity’s quest to understand the cosmos. Guided tours offer insights into their construction, use, and the groundbreaking discoveries they facilitated. It’s a fascinating glimpse into how our ancestors viewed and studied space.

Engage with interactive exhibits

Beyond shows and telescopes, Armagh Space features a variety of interactive exhibits that make learning about astronomy fun and accessible. Visitors can control virtual spacecraft, learn about black holes, or even design their own alien life form. These hands-on activities are perfect for engaging young minds and sparking an interest in science and exploration.

Attend special events and workshops

Armagh Space regularly hosts special events, workshops, and lectures by renowned scientists and astronomers. These programs provide deeper dives into specific topics like space travel, astrophotography, or climate science. Whether you’re a budding astronomer or simply curious about space, these events offer valuable opportunities to learn from experts.

Enjoying Armagh’s rich heritage

A visit to Armagh Space also offers an opportunity to explore Armagh itself—a city with a rich history dating back over 1,500 years. From its ancient cathedrals to modern art galleries, combining your trip with other local attractions can make for an enriching cultural experience.


  • Digital planetarium with breathtaking cosmic shows
  • Collection of historical telescopes offering insights into past astronomical studies
  • Interactive exhibits designed for hands-on learning experiences
  • Regularly scheduled special events featuring talks from renowned scientists
  • Nestled within Armagh’s rich cultural landscape offering additional attractions

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