If you always wanted to test the capabilities of an old school Land Rover Defender – Crieff Hydro have the perfect off-road driving experience for you, with not a smooth bit of road in sight. With nearly impossible climbs and steep descents, you can either sit back and enjoy being bumped around as a passenger or take the wheel yourself with expert instruction at hand. For the driving experience, you will need a valid driving license. The cost depends if you just want a show round which starts off at £72 or if you wish to do it yourself which starts at £135. The driving experience is on Crieff Hydro’s 900-acre estate and there are lots of rutted tracks deep streams and crazy angles to navigate. 

Where can you go off road driving in Perthshire?

Crieff Hydro offer a range of off-road driving and passenger experiences using the ubiquitous Land Rover Defender.

If you are looking for an action-packed holiday, Crieff Hydro have it all with mountain bike trails and hire, Segways, quad bikes, mini off-roaders (for kids) and a host of other activities around the estate. We are sure you will be surprised by the off-road capabilities of a Land Rover Defender.

  • One-hour session
  • Rivers and ravines included
  • Expert tuition
  • Remember to bring your driving license
  • Show-rounds from £72 or do it yourself from £135

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