Off Road Experience near Peebles

Vroom!!! Vroom!!! Want to cross something off your Funstacker list while getting very dirty? Then why not do off-road motorcycling in Peebles? Cyclists of all levels are welcome to come and uniquely enjoy Scottish nature. Even for those who cannot ride a bicycle, there is private training offered to get you up to speed so you can confidently go riding for your next session. In groups of six, for £195, you can enjoy a day out having a blast around the dirty trails of Scotland. For those looking for that one extra step, Ride off Road Scotland offers one day and two-day motorbike off-road experience. Traverse via motorbike through trails, forest paths, high and low through nature – a sure way to get you out of your head and into the present moment. Why not give it a try? 

Where can I try off-road experiences near Edinburgh?

Drive off to Ride off Road Scotland near Peebles which offers different off-roading experiences that mainly revolve around dirt bikes!

Surrounded by magnificent hills and being very close to the legendary Glentress Forest, Peebles is the perfect spot to enjoy nature. After you have had your day playing with motorbikes, why not just walk around the trees and appreciate the tranquillity that the natural world has to offer. 

  • Ages 14 and up (different restrictions apply to the various packages) 
  • Basic safety training offered at the beginning of the session
  • One or two-day motorbike experience available (motorbike hire included in the price)
  • Private 1to1 sessions are available
  • Based in Fife, various training facilities are available across Scotland – mainly in Peebles

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