Off-Road Motorbiking in Taunton

Have you always wanted to release your inner badass? Then put on your helmet and go off-road motorbiking at Dave Thorpe in Taunton!

Do I need any prior experience for off-road motorbiking?

Honda Adventure Centre's courses can be catered to suit people of all levels of experience, and their highly-rated instructors will ensure you are comfortable and safe the whole time.

Choose between their one day or two-day experience and learn all about how to handle their off-road bikes over tracks and roads selected especially for each of their different courses. While their Exmoor Adventure days are split between coastal roads and off-road trails, their popular Enduro days cover trail riding, rocky sections, woodland areas and river crossings. If you’re looking to try new trails or get to grips with something new and exciting then motorbiking would make a great addition to your stack!

Off-road biking tips

For many of you, this will probably be your first-time off-roading. Your guide at Honda Adventure Centre will tell you everything you need to know, but here are some tips to give you a head-start:

  • Don’t tense up! In order to move around the rough terrain, you need to let the bike do its thing – keep your upper body relaxed while using your legs to grip the bike.
  • The position is also important for control – sometimes, standing on the pegs, while seeming daunting, can give you more control and allow the bike’s suspension to take the brunt of the hits. Remember also to move your backside back a little, bend at the hip and move your chest closer to the handles, which will give you more control.
  • Always keep your head straight up and focused on the road ahead – this gives you time to see terrain and obstacles and plan the best route.

Honda Adventure’s woodland centre in Exmoor national park offers a great range of trails and roads nearby with stunning views of the coast and woodland surrounding you. They welcome individual and group bookings including stag and hen dos, so whether you’re looking to learn alone or organise a fun and unique group event this is a great choice!

  • Prices start from £175 per person for off-road biking
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years old
  • A riding kit, protective clothing, and tuition included as part of the booking
  • Accommodation nearby suitable for all budgets

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