On Yer Bike Adventures in Greymouth
On Yer Bike Adventures in Greymouth

On Yer Bike Adventures in Greymouth

Head to On Yer Bike for a fabulous day out with the whole family. You will enjoy an off-road tour in the mystical rain forest and be amazed by the native, trees ferns and bushes all around you. Choose from many amazing tours like the Enchanted Forest Self-Driving Tour which starts at $145. On this 1-hour tour you will experience an amazing drive through farmlands and forests heading through narrow bumpy trails entering the heart of the forest.

Where can I enjoy nature while riding Quad biking and Buggies?

At On Yer Bike Adventures, you will be able to book a tour that suits you and your needs.

If you fancy a challenge then book the Waterfall and Forest track Combo Tour, for a magical mixture of mud and water you will experience a fascinating off road adventure. Taking riding to the next level is the Hot Tracks Tour where you will ride an Ex-Military Beast, this 4 x 4 will climb steep tracks while you are dry inside.


  • This tour starts from $75.
  • Opening times are from 9am – 5pm everyday.
  • Experience a waterfall and forest track combo!
  • Tours last 1 hour.
Tuesday 9am–5pm
Wednesday 9am–5pm
Thursday 9am–5pm
Friday 9am–5pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday 9am–5pm
Monday 9am–5pm


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