The Grand Opera House in Belfast

Up for a night of great entertainment? The Grand Opera House in Belfast is Northern Ireland’s premier theatre and offers a great range of opera, dance, comedy, musical and family shows regularly for visitors to enjoy! Located in Belfast’s busy city centre, this venue is the perfect place for theatre and creative arts fans to come, unwind, and experience the great atmosphere of the Opera Hall!

Why should I visit the Grand Opera Hall in Belfast?

The Grand Opera Hall is a venue that has been favoured by international companies and local producers and has been the heart of Belfast's theatre and opera scene for over 100 years! Providing great entertainment, unforgettable experiences, and a breathtaking atmosphere to all guests, there is always something at the Opera house for guests of all ages and tastes to enjoy! 

As well to enjoying a large number of different shows on offer at the Grand Opera Hall, the Hall also has a rich and fascinating history dating back over 125 years! For guests who would like to learn more about the famous list of entertainers who have performed at the hall, or the events that left their mark on the beautiful building, there are theatre tours and heritage exhibitions available! The cost does depend on which show you wish to see but roughly ranges from £20-£50 per person for a ticket.

  • Food and drinks are available as well as overnight stays through the partnered hotel located next door
  • Disabled access and seating in the Main Opera Hall
  • Multistory parking can be located behind the Opera Hall

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