Paddle boarding at Bristol Harbour

Want to see Bristol from a new perspective? Want to try a fun, new sport? Rain or shine, SUP Bristol has got something amazing to add to your stack with this paddle boarding experience at Bristol’s famous harbours.

Where can I go paddle boarding in Bristol?

Based in the heart of Bristol's historic harbours, SUP Bristol has got you covered with a paddle boarding experience that you won't forget.

With this fun and easy-to-pick-up sport, you can witness the beauty of Bristol while gliding across the river Avon, guided by Sup Bristol’s expert guides who will be there to show you the magic of paddle boarding.

SUP Tips

Here are some tips to make sure you’ll be cruising smoothly!

  • Have a good stance – keep your legs firm with your knees slightly flexed and a straight back. Stable legs will improve your chances of not tumbling into the water!
  • Speaking of tumbling in… If you do fall, no big deal – but, make sure you fall the right way! Don’t dive directly forwards or backwards as you’ll hit your board, try to fall sideways while keeping hold of your paddle.
  • Position your feet at about shoulder length apart, perpendicular to the boards axis.

SUP offer various sessions – a ‘taster’ session, where their qualified guides will get you to grips with the basic of paddle boarding, showing you how to paddle kneeling and standing as well as taking you through safety procedures. If you’re ready to paddle through River Avon, join SUP for their ‘Harbourside Adventure’, where you can journey through Bristol’s historic waterways on your own paddle board. SUP also offer Hen and Stag do sessions – a wonderful way to kick off a party!

  • Paddleboarding will last up to 2 hrs and 30 minutes.
  • The taster and adventure sessions cost £30 and £40 each respectively.
  • SUP provide wetsuits for you to wear, and changing rooms.
  • Group sessions are for between 8-24 people.

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