Paintball at Hanmer Springs

Get your friends and family together to make a team to have loads of adrenaline fuelled fun at Hanmer Springs Paintball! Located on the bank of the scenic Waiau River take cover in their exciting obstacle filled course. With a min age of 10 years this activity is fun for all ages and abilities so get ready to settle some arguments and scores on the battlefield!

Where can I play paintball in the South Island?

Hanmer Springs is a scenic 90 minute drive north of Christchurch. Their adventure activities are located at their Base, just before the bridge after the turn off from the main highway as you head towards the township of Hanmer Springs.

The price includes 50 paintballs and you can buy more paintballs onsite if you want to play longer. They also have lots of other action-packed activities on location so this can be just part of a great, fun day at Hanmer Springs.

  • Open 9am to 5pm
  • $35 pp
  • You can book online or at site


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