Paintballing in the Orkney Islands

Calling all paintballing fans! If you’re in the Orkney Islands and looking to get the adrenalin pumping then head over to the island of Burray, just 15 minutes drive from Kirkwall. The paintball arena encompasses an old WW2 gun emplacement and generator sheds at the farm of Northfield creating a really unique paintball arena to play games and shoot at your mates! Orkan Adventures provide the most up-to-date equipment, training, and marshalling to ensure an enjoyable day out – remember to duck!

Where can I go paintballing in the Orkney Islands?

Head over to the Island of Burray, where Orkan Adventure has set up a paintball arena using derelict buildings from WW2 creating an exciting and unique paintballing experience, even for a hardened paintball veteran!

The imposing gun emplacement overlooks the Weddell Sound and was an important part of the defence of Scapa Flow during WW2. The epic site is now used as a Paintball, Battlefield Live and Clay Pigeon Shooting arena. Burray is within a chain of islands linked by the Churchill Barriers that connect the island to the mainland making it easy to get to if you’re on holiday!

  • Located at a historical site from WW2
  • A minimum of 10 competitors and a maximum of 20
  • £30 per person, which comes with 200 paintballs each
  • An extra 100 rounds are available for £6
  • Paintball is available for anyone age 12 and over
  • All safety gear is provided, including overalls & goggles
  • Bring an old pair of sturdy shoes

Some tips for paintballing

  • Try and stay behind cover as much as possible. Making your target as small as possible for the opponent will make you harder to hit and keep you on the field for longer!
  • Keep moving from cover to cover. This will give you and your team more ground on the battlefield and will keep your opposition guessing where you are. It also will make your experience much more enjoyable as you’ll feel like you’re more involved in the action. Also, you’ll be hit a lot less than if you just sit behind cover.
  • When moving around the field, RUN! A classic beginner’s mistake is to sort of jog around or just hide for most of the games. Get the heart pumping and sprint from cover to cover as this will make you much harder to hit and will get the adrenalin pumping making your games way more fun!

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