Panoramic Bubble Lodges in Iceland

Everyone dreams of one day sitting under the night sky to witness the magnificence of the northern lights. Well, prepare to make that dream a reality! The Bubble hotel in Iceland makes for a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city – unwind and recharge under the starry night sky as close to nature as you can get, in a luxury stay where you get breathtaking views of the magnificent Iceland scenery.

Where can I stay in Iceland?

Truly immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland with a stay in the bubble hotel, with panoramic views of Iceland's iconic landscape!

In your transparent bubble, you’ll be surrounded by forests, stars and if you’re lucky, the northern lights! Your cosy bubble is situated in a forest near the town of Selfoss, only an hours drive from the capital Reykjavik. You’ll be able to enjoy true stillness and serenity in the peace of nature, in a truly private experience. You can also stay in Iceland’s first hanging bubble, sleeping among the trees! Experience the starry winter nights, or immerse yourself in the sounds of birds, see an array of wildlife and the midnight sun in summer. Airmango also offer guided tours as part of your stay, with overnight driving tours of the golden circle or south coast, where you’ll be able to see the beautiful Thingvellir national park, gullfoss waterfall and relax in the secret lagoon hot spring. The Bubble experience is a fantastic and unforgettable way to experience Iceland!

  • Booking is taken through enquiries, using the chat function on their website.
  • The bubbles accommodate two adults, with room for one child under 6.
  • To maintain privacy the address isn’t provided until after booking is made, when you’ll receive specific GPS locations.
  • There is a service house with toilets and showers.
  • The Panoramic Glass Lodge also offers a similar experience in southern Iceland.