Penguin Conservation Reserve in New Zealand

A big fan of Penguins? Well, Penguin Place is the place to be! You will get the opportunity to learn everything you want to know about penguins and their habitats. Penguin Place is entirely funded by tourism and its main focus is for conservation and rehabilitation of the yellow-eyed penguin.

Where is the nearest conservation centre?

Penguin Place Conservation Reserve, located at Harington Point.

At Penguin Place they are committed to the conservation and rehabilitation of penguins so all of the funding goes towards looking after them by providing habitat restoration, predator control, research programmes and on-site rehabilitation. The centre will take in penguins that are in need that have been either wounder are sick or starving and then mend them back to health. The centre provides tours where you will get to see the work they do with the penguins and get to see the conversation reserve and the rehabilitation facility up close.

  • Prices – Adult £58, Child $18, Family Pass $125 (2 Adults, 3 Children)
  • Duration 1 hour +
  • Tours run at 11:45 am, 1:15 pm, 2:45 pm, 4:45 pm, Duration – 90 mins

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