Personalised Tour of South East Iceland

South-East Iceland provide tours all year round!

In the winter they offer tours to the ice caves in Vatnajökull. The Magnificent Ice Caves are natural and phenomenal, forming from gushing water through the ice to form tunnels and then cooling. When the water level decreases, caves and tunnels appear and become our potential passages. The caves are ever-changing and can be different from one week to the next.

Why should I go on a tour with South East Iceland?

The company is run by a couple who know everything you would like to know about Iceland and its hidden gems, considering they have lived there the majority of their lives! The great news is they built this business out of their love of sharing their valuable knowledge with keen travellers like you Funstackers!

In the summer they offer private tours if there is something more personal you wish to see. They offer Awesome Jeep Tours or just nice simple walks in the wonderful nature of the National Park of Vatnajökull. Refer to my other posts for these activities!

If you dream of seeing specific places in the region of Vatnajökull, from a few hours tour up to a day or two, we set up a tour based on your wishes. Send us your ideas and we will put together the tour of your dreams. whether it is on a glacier or black sand beaches, glaciers, lagoons, Skaftafell, deep valleys or the mountain road to Lónsöræfi. In the winter it is likely a magical tour to go out in the evening or late at night to the frozen glacier lagoons and take a look at or take pictures of the aurora borealis/Northern lights, there are five different lagoons to choose from, or maybe choose all of them to see.

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