Pizza Geeks – A cute and nerdy pizza place with a passion for all things geek culture!

Open the tardis doors to find yourself not in a cosmic spaceship, but someplace better – Pizza Geeks! While the tardis can transport you to different planets and times, Pizza Geeks can transport you to different flavour dimensions with their excellent selection of nerd-themed Pizzas. Pizza Geeks is a Pizza place that’s themed around different comic book, video game and movie franchises. Not only is the restaurant filled with references to a wide array of geek culture staples like Star Wars, Marvel movies, Nintendo games and more, but so is the entirety of their menu. Their menu contains such classics as “The Millennium Chicken” which is a pizza topped with chicken, red onions, mixed peppers and barbeque sauce, which also has a vegan alternative called “THIS ISN’T The Millennium Chicken” which is basically the same but with vegan mozzarella and vegan chicken as a replacement. The menu also contains such pizzas as the perfectly themed Lord of The Rings pizza which is called “The Shire” which is a pizza topped with blue cheese, mushrooms, Parmentier potatoes, red onions, black olives & garlic and rosemary oil and I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pizza that would exist in middle earth – I can imagine Frodo chowing down on that right now actually. For Pokemon fans, they have “The Chorizard” which is a pizza named after the fire dragon Pokémon Charizard and is also a very firey pizza as it is a chorizo pizza topped with fresh chillies & hot honey. If you are looking for sides Pizza Geeks offers Dalek Bread which is maybe the best of all the pun names of the food at this restaurant. Also if you’re feeling like dessert they offer a tasty vegan brownie named after 80’s cartoon icon “Captain Planet”.

Is there a geek themed resteraunt in Edinburgh?

Yes, Pizza Geeks in Leith
  • Pizza Geeks is open 12 – 9 pm on weekdays and 5 – 9 pm on weekends.
  • Pizza Geeks offer takeout options and sit-in options
  • Pizza Geeks also have merch which you can buy in-store and on their website
  • Pizza Geeks offer soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

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