Get ready to plunge into the deep with the aquanauts in Plymouth! Whether you’re looking to learn to free dive, book an evening dive or organise a whole weekend of diving with your friends, they have you covered and offer a great price! You can even try their winter warmer specials and make the most of the cold months of the year for a different diving experience. Or try wreck diving for a whole new level of exploration! Don’t worry if you’ve never been diving before, inexperienced divers can take one of their many different courses to learn and develop their skills. Add this to your stack and prepare to explore everything the underwater world has to offer!

Why should I go diving in Plymouth?

The water around Plymouth has so much to offer, from amazing wildlife to the UK's most famous wrecks and the first artificial reef the Scylla frigate which sunk in 2004 and has since become home to an amazing amount of marine life!

Plymouth is also a great place to spend your holiday with plenty to do and see besides what you’ll see under the waves! Wind down at any of the wonderful places to eat nearby or even try some other water sports in one of its harbours.

If you’re even more committed you can become an Ocean Advocate with their comprehensive PADI open water course, a learning experience that includes more than just the technical side of diving with a focus on protecting the ocean that you’ll be diving in. The course is also designed to take you from complete beginner to confident underwater explorer in just 3 days, so if you’re looking to get to grips with diving as quickly as possible then this might be the perfect activity to add to your stack!

  • £35 per single dive and £70 for weekend dives
  • Weekend dives include 2 dives per day Saturday and Sunday
  • Diving courses start at £195 with the PADI open water course costing £495 for three days
  • Equipment included in course booking

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