Fun Pole Fitness Classes in Cambridge

Want to try the art of pole dancing? Want to find out the benefits? Wing Studios offer a range of pole fitness classes for you to try out and enjoy. Pole Fitness has been popular in the fitness industry since the 90s, and it’s still a great choice for people wanting to have fun, express themselves and get fit all at the same time!

On average, taking a number of results you can burn around 500 calories during a 60 min pole dancing class. To put this into context you can burn between 400-700 calories jogging at the same time. However, in our opinion, a pole dancing class will be much more fun! Apart from calories burnt – there may be other benefits including better balance and improving core strength.

Where can I take a pole dance fitness class in Cambridge?

Wings Studios operate out of the YMCA studio on Gonville Place and has classes for all experience levels.

Pole dancing classes will work your stomach muscles, abs and lower back muscles. You will also improve your arm and leg strength as you learn new moves. Pole dancing also improves your flexibility, which eventually reduces your risk of muscle injuries and muscle soreness.

The classes offered by Wings Studios are for anyone and everyone, of all sizes, genders, and skill levels so why not add this to your Stack and go along for a session. The beginner classes start from scratch focusing on key skills and strength training. The Pole classes are also great for advanced gymnasts and dancers wishing to add a new technique. The studio is fully equipped with the highest quality apparatus and qualified teachers to guarantee you the best time.

  • Book in advance
  • All experience levels are welcome
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing
  • Prices vary and start from £12
  • Wings Studio also offers other classes so check them out online!

Pole Fitness tips!

  • Don’t try and do too much too fast. Make sure you learn the basics and get comfortable with your ability before trying something too difficult. Being able to do the things you see on Instagram will take time and hard work.
  • Listen to your instructor. They have probably been doing pole fitness a lot longer than you do when they try and help you with form or technique make sure to take it on board and improve from it!
  • Make sure you warm-up and cool down before and after sessions. With flexibility and strength being so important in pole fitness it is crucial to stretch and it will be extremely beneficial in the long term.

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